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Embrace the Spirit Of User Control,
Absolute Privacy, and Open Standards

Our Group of Companies

The Rendezvous Group is a for-profit set of companies. Each company focuses on one narrow relationship service, but they all build upon the broad base of the Virtual Rendezvous infrastructure. These companies, all members of the Virtual Rendezvous Foundation, embrace the spirit of user control, absolute privacy, and open standards and software, but use the unique history and relationship information available to a Virtual Rendezvous service to provide a world-class experience to their chosen audience.

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Development Stages

Virtual Rendezvous will incubate the first few of these companies itself, but eventually most will be outside businesses that joined the Group online, using a fast, easy, automated process to achieve better interoperability, group marketing, and cross-viral awareness. Below are three early Rendezvous Group ventures in development:

» Gear VR - Facebook-Awareness - Meta Social Networking App
Initially launching for Samsung™’s mobile Virtual Reality headset Gear VR™, this app will soon after appear on iDevices™ and other Unity 3D™ deployment targets.

» Mobile Rendezvous - Physical Meet Up - Find a Movie
Built on an award-winning 2D visual collaboration tool for finding a movie to see together, the broader focus will be on having fun, easy mobile-enabled physical meetups, and later, virtual ones.

» Mobile - Web - Presence and Relationship Services
At first, a simple, elegant contact manager, and social meta-service for status and presence. It will grow to connect all your social worlds, and will become the starting point you give everyone to find you for any form of communication.

Interact With Everyone, Everywhere

Our platform is universal and ubiquitous open-source software, peer-to-peer platform for communication and collaboration that provides a unique and growing set of applications, services, as well as ways to find and connect to people that you can’t find anywhere else.

Virtual Rendezvous glues together the disparate elements of the Web, social networks, virtual worlds, IM, and email, into one unified, coherent social fabric.