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A Peer-To-Peer Platform
for Communication and Collaboration

Online Relationship

Founded during the first era of broadband Internet access in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the 90s, and continuing ideas we had for social networks in the 1970s, Virtual Rendezvous is a set of ideas, an evolving design, an open software platform, and a community of people and businesses that together form a Foundation for the open standards of an ambitious new social fabric.

The elements underlying this new social fabric are named: Persona, the fundamental unit of multiple identity; Context, like a place or location; shared Activity, a kind of group; Relationship, both personal and in a semantic web; and Facet, an aspect of any of the others that refines them. These elements build a platform that provides universal presence, guaranteed reputation, and related value that can move seamlessly between worlds.

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All Your Relationships In One Place

Virtual Rendezvous is about managing and showing yourself, and your online relationships to everyone else, in one place, now and forever. Based on open standards, open-source software, and non-profit motives, it provides a safe place for personal information, history, and your secret-self, away from the prying eyes of invasive commercial interests. This platform allows you the freedom to let your friends connect with you in any way they wish, while politely shielding you when you’re in the mood to hide.

Interact With Everyone, Everywhere

Our platform is universal and ubiquitous open-source software, peer-to-peer platform for communication and collaboration that provides a unique and growing set of applications, services, as well as ways to find and connect to people that you can’t find anywhere else.

Virtual Rendezvous glues together the disparate elements of the Web, social networks, virtual worlds, IM, and email, into one unified, coherent social fabric.