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Fostering Design,
Development, and Deployment

The Virtual Rendezvous Foundation

At the heart of Virtual Rendezvous is a non-profit Foundation that fosters the design, development, and deployment of an infrastructure that underlies all relationship services. Based on the fundamental notions of identity, place, shared activity, relationship, and the aspects that make each unique, we submit a set of loosely coupled, interlocking standards to the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). We combine these with reference implementations of each notion that fit together into a platform for relationship management.

This platform, knitting together existing and future peer-to-peer networks, intends to scale to billions of users and devices. Only ongoing experimentation, evolution, and radical new designs from the community of individuals and companies supporting the standards make such broad and ambitious goals possible.

Growing With Everyone’s Help

The Virtual Rendezvous Foundation will reach out to existing communities: forums, wikis, blogs, virtual worlds, social networks, and Twitterscapes to increase awareness of its growing set of standards, with the intention of bridging apparently unrelated efforts. It will focus on collecting and knitting together existing open technologies, and encourage the community to fill any gaps with new open software.

By providing a single point of contact for contributions, the Foundation will form the nexus of a vendor-neutral, cooperative user experience that can grow indefinitely along with the imagination of its users.

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